looping the piano

by Grzegorz Bojanek

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This track was recorded back in August 2009 in Germany. I was on holidays with my family and we were living in my friend's house. Although I didn't plan to compose, I hav my ZOOM H4 with me. I was pleased when I noticed that old piano.

One night, when everybody was sleeping I decided to go downstairs and record some piano loops. I did it with many mistakes and repetitions. I completely forgot about that "recording session".

Today (17.09.2010) I was checking my old SD cards and I found this recording. So here it is, without any editing. Nothing was done to this recording.

Please download "looping the piano" and use to create your own music. Than let me know and send tracks to me. I think it would be interesting to PUBLISH all the tracks with the sounds of this piano. I have a few ideas how to make it...


released September 17, 2010




Grzegorz Bojanek Poland

Grzegorz Bojanek (1975), also known as Eta Carinae, is the founder of the net label: www.etalabel.com. Since 2007 he has been the artistic producer of Warsaw Electronic Festival. As an artist he consequently introduces field recordings and electroacoustic sounds into his compositions which are the combination of the modern melodics ambient and sometimes noise. ... more

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